Has your Polaris RZR 900 or 1000 primary and/or secondary clutch failed or simply worn out? We can rebuild your Primary and/or secondary clutch using our new, stronger components!

Prices start at $320 for a Primary Clutch rebuild,

Fast turnaround!

If you are located outside the Phoenix metro area, simply ship your clutch to us (don't forget to include return shipping labels) and we will give you an estimate within one day of receipt.  Once you have approved the estimate, your rebuilt primary will be ready to ship within days!

Our shipping address is:

Premier Clutch
3236 W. Blackhawk Drive
Phoenix, AZ  85027

The Emergency Clutch Holder.  Click here for details.

RzR 900/1000 full alignment kit, click here for details.

NEW!  Premier Clutch Tech Tips!

Instructional video detailing how to install the Premier Clutch locking plate on a 2016 - present Polaris RzR 900/1000 following an alignment of the transmission to the engine.  Click the thumbnail above to see the video.

A short instructional video detailing the steps to replace a stock Polaris secondary with a new, heavy duty secondary clutch.

Click the thumbnail above to see the video.

An instructional video detailing how to use the Premier Clutch Emergency Clutch tool.  Click the thumbnail above to see the video.